Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello all:

Whew! What a fantastic conference! Once again we want to thank you for all of the energetic, erudite and ______(what's another e-word? ah, you fill it in yourself, I'm beat) discussions this past weekend!

A couple of things: as I stated in the beginning of the conference, we wanted this weekend to only be the beginning of hopefully many more conversations. One will be the collection that we would like to put together. More details will follow but just remember, we are looking for complete essays by September 1st, 2010. Please e-mail me at for any questions and details. But hopefully other collaborations will continue and please keep us updated on your work!

We would like to have some feedback on the conference from you. Please take a few minutes just to write up your thoughts on the conference and place them below. If you liked the tour, please let us know what specifically you like about it. If you wished the panels were over two days, let us know. Also, if you have any ideas for improvement (we would like to do other conferences (rock music? the 60s? pop art?) in the coming years) we would like to hear any thoughts of making the conference a more pleasurable and productive space and time.

Take care!


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  2. Thank you so much for an amazing conference! It was extremely well organized. The choice of a single day allowed us to follow as many panels as possible without any stress and to fully enjoy the papers.
    The tours were refreshing and full of humorous and sensitive details. I enjoyed myself so much (while, at the same time, learning from all the incredibly original presentations) that I almost felt on holiday! Thank you all for one of the best conferences I have ever been part of.
    Sara Villa

  3. This was a very worthwhile and enjoyable walking tour. I loved it! Please include me in all future events.
    You can view some of my photos of the tour here:

  4. I agree that this was one of the most collegial, engaging conferences I have been a part of. I liked the fact that the papers were on one day (even though I was sad to miss some good papers!), and the tours really added another dimension to the persistent presence (haunting?) of Whitman and the Beats around these parts. The tours were both informative and fun. All of the papers I saw offered new, exciting scholarship on the Beats of the kind that has been long overdue. Overall, an excellent experience! Thanks

  5. Great conference! I really enjoyed having everyone present together because (as you planned) we were able to foster genuine discussions and friendships. You guys did an "awesome" job of organizing everything from the presentations to the music to the tours.
    Many thanks - I hope to keep in touch with everyone I met!